Your Nan’s Penny

I originally saw this t-shirt advertised on Sea and Be Scene’s website promoting their Countdown to Christmas contest.  I had just won Dave Gunning’s numismatically themed CD, “No More Pennies,” so I knew my odds were not likely going to hold out to win this incredible “Your Nan’s Penny” t-shirt from Squid Tickle with a wonderful representation of a 1938 Newfoundland cent.

I didn’t win.  Keeping in line with the theme of the contest, I sent the link to my wonderful wife – hint, hint!  Not only was Christmas approaching, my birthday lands on the winter solstice.  Holly lovingly fed my addiction and ordered this shirt which arrived on the shortest day of the year, making me a very happy coin collector.

Squid Tickle was founded in 2011 by Beth Oldford and Aine McGlynn.  The company’s name was derived from an Eastport Peninsula community whose name changed to Burnside in 1912.

“We did the design ourselves, using an actual Newfoundland penny as inspiration.  We saw the penny at my grandfather’s house one day and thought it would make an excellent t-shirt,” Beth told the author.  “Our main goal at Squid Tickle is to produce witty and whimsical t-shirts that connect the people of Newfoundland and Labrador to our unique history, culture and language.”

The shirt itself is quality made by the ethically aware company, American Apparel.  It’s comfy cool.  I have graded this shirt/cent at choice gem brilliant uncirculated!  And, at $28, seems a bargain looking at current trend values.

Should you fall in love with this design too, you can find it at