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The Saint John Coin Club meets every third Tuesday of the month at Hampton Inn & Suites, 51 Fashion Dr, Saint John, NB, At 7:00 pm, except for the summer months and December (we have a holiday outing instead of a regular meeting). All are welcome.

The Saint John Coin Club was formed in 1959 with eight members present. They first met at the New Brunswick Museum located on Douglas Avenue, in the city’s North end. The original members were Mr. Don Kelly, Mr. Arnold Fairbrother, and Mr. John Withers, Mr. Ronald Clifford, Mr. Sam Babb, Mr. Steve Pestano, Mr. Walter Turnbull and Mr. C. Joyce, Mr. A.Burtt.

By 1969 the club had a membership of 43 in total; which grew to 76 members by 1980. The meetings were held in a variety of places over the years like the old Admiral Beatty Hotel which is now a senior citizens complex and the now torn down The Royal Hotel on King Street. For a number of years, a school activities room was used on the West Side of Saint John. Present day the meetings are held at the Stone Church Hall on Carlton Street.

Some of the people in the hobby of coin collecting came to our shows or meetings over the years were people like James Charlton, Major Sheldon Carol, H.D. Allan, Geoffrey Bell, and J.W. Ferguson to name a few.

The coin club has held many shows over the years with a few medals struck as well. All of the medals were produced featuring the APNA symbol on the reverse side. One was in 1969, 10th anniversary of the coin club. The design on it featured the Loyalist Man. The second issue was in 1970 with the “Marco Polo” sailing ship. A third strike in medals produced one in 2004 featuring Champlain and Dumont for their 400 anniversary as the first Europeans to settle permanently in N.A. at the Saint-Croix Island. As in most years, they were available in Bronze, Silver and a few Gold. In 2006 a set of medals were struck featuring the Reversing Falls and the APNA crest. A few medals were left over and these were countered struck 2007.

The club is different in many ways today because of the climate (mind set) or the hobby of coin collecting has changed because of the many activities available today that were not years ago.

Today we have a strong coin club of 19 to 25 members and are always looking for people to share our passion. Are you one of them?


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello,

    I am a collector of Canadian commemorative medals and municipal tokens (trade dollars) – I specialize in coin club medal issues, centennial issues and medals issued by Canadian municipalities.
    I am curious to know if anyone in your club collects these types of items and if so, please feel free to pass along my email address.
    I am also the president of our local coin club – the Nipissing Coin Club – I was just handed the reigns as was wondering if you had any words of wisdom? How do you folks run your meetings? ie: do you have a business portion, auction, educational session and so forth?
    Finally, for those of you who are railway buffs, a commemorative medal was issued here in North Bay to commemorate the last run of the Northlander train. Only 250 were produced and are available postpaid from me.
    I can be contacted via email or phone at:

    Jeff Fournier
    I can send photos via email for anyone interested.

    Happy Collecting!

  2. Hi Jeff. Words of wisdom….keep the meetings interesting. We have an auction every meeting as well inaddition to the business part. A show and tell night also works well. Our club joined the ONA. As a member, we recieve a disk with dozens of write up articles on paper money and coins from members of the Numismatic community. It is worth while. Happy collecting. TOM CRAIG

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