March 2014 Meeting

The March meeting of the Saint John Coin Club will take place Tuesday the 18th at 7pm sharp.  Note that the meetings are now being held at the Howard Johnson Fort Howe Hotel  on Portland Street, which features plenty of free parking.  Following club business there will be a slide presentation, an auction and  refreshments - what more could you ask for?!  Hope to see you there.

Howard Johnson Fort Howe

February Meeting

The February meeting of the Saint John Coin Club will take place Tuesday the 18th at 7pm sharp.  Note that the meetings are now being held at the Howard Johnson Fort Howe Hotel  on Portland Street, which features plenty of free parking, which will undoubtedly be appreciated given the recent dumping of snow and the clogged streets as the city digs out.

Howard Johnson Fort Howe

The presentation will be on Pre-Confederation Copper Coinage of Upper Canada by the London Numismatic Society.  Do you have any in your collection?  Bring them along!

2014 Lucky Loonie Available

Five coin packs of the 2014 Lucky Loonie are available at face value with free shipping on the Royal Canadian Mint’s website.

Lucky Loonie 2014

A loonie was first embedded in the ice in 2002 in Salt Lake City as good luck for the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams.  In 2004 the mint struck the first “lucky” loonie prior to the Olympics in Athens.

Fancy Serial Numbers

Are you one of those people who checks the paper money in your wallet for special serial numbers?  Does someone close to you make fun of you for glancing at each bill after you get it?  I’m one of those people.

I don’t really consider myself a paper money collector – or rag picker, as they were once referred to (can you call them that with the plastic money we have now?) – but I appreciate these pieces of higher denomination currency and love numbers, so I do try to check the numbers on those bill when I have a chance.

Recently, after being handed some US currency, I came across the twenty below.  Can you tell what is special about the number?

Scrambled Ladder

Almost immediately I noticed that it contained every number from 1 to 8, but all mixed up.  I didn’t have a clue at the time, but this is apparently called a scrambled ladder note type of fancy serial number.

“Cool,” I thought and put it on eBay where it sold for $30 USD – as I mentioned, I don’t collect them, but appreciate finding them for others.

Watch your money!

A Cent with Issues

I visited Fundy Coins and Collectables on Saturday to pick up an auction item that had been waiting there for quite some time and had fun chatting with Steve and Jim.  While there, thumbing through one of the counter bins and intently listening to one of Jim’s stories, this little cent caught my eye.

1930 USA Cent

The words “metal flaw” were inked on the 2×2.  Upon closer inspection, after getting the 1930 USA Lincoln wheat cent home, I could see quite a nice lamination error in addition to an improper alloy mixture, which gives the copper coin and wood grain appearance.  Some collectors seem to be drawn to such coins and they are often referred to as “woodies.”


100th Anniversary of the First Canadian Arctic Expedition – 25-cent 12-pack (2013)

For face value and free shipping the newest commemorative 25 cent coins are available from the Royal Canadian Mint.  You get 12 coins in total for three dollars and there’s a limit of two packages per household.


The coins’ reverses were designed by Bonnie Ross (Arctic Expedition) and Tim Pitsiulak (Whales).  There’s already rumblings of some varieties amongst these designs too.

At face value, you can’t go wrong, but these do sell out quickly!

Halifax Explosion Medal

Friday past marked the 96th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, which was a huge historical event for Nova Scotia’s capital, but also for any nearby city able to lend a hand.

The explosion, the result of a harbour collision between the French cargo ship, SS Mont-Blanc, loaded with explosives and the Norwegian SS Imo, took place December 6th, 1917.  The end result was upwards of 2000 dead and 9000 injured in the blast that leveled much of the city.

In 1992, the city of Halifax issued a medal commemorating the 75th anniversary of the explosion and handed it out to survivors of the tragedy.  The estimated number struck is less than 100.  It is made of cast bronze plate and measures 32mm.1992 Halifax Explosion Medal

The structure in the first image is the memorial bell tower.

PEI Holey Dollar at Auction

I was pleased to catch Geoff Bell on CBC Radio’s Maritime Noon today (October 3rd, 2013) talking about the PEI Holey Dollar that will be in the Fall 2013 Toronto Coin Expo Auction.

Geoff spoke about the history of the dollar and its rarity, making it a much sought after and valuable addition to a collection.

PEI Holey Dollar

You can catch Geoff after the 39 minute mark on the CBC Radio website and can see the actual auction, which goes live October 4th, 2013 at 6pm, on the auction website.

Jim Charlton Dead at 102

According to a post on Canadian Coin News’ Facebook page, legendary Canadian numismatist James E. Charlton passed away Friday September 20th, 2013 at the age of 102.

Jim Charlton Dead at 102

Jim Charlton Dead at 102

Charlton’s name will forever be  synonymous with Canadian numismatics for his work as a coin dealer and numismatic publisher.  His presence alone at coin shows and conventions made such events memorable.  The funeral is to take place Saturday September 28th, 2013 and Canadian Coin News promises to post more information as it becomes available.

Coinman to Canadians

Got this at the 2001 RCNA convention in Quebec City

Got this at the 2001 RCNA convention in Quebec City