Wait for Me, Daddy Commemorative Toonie Pack

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a commemorative five toonie pack based on the Wait for Me, Daddy historical photograph.  The photograph was taken October 1st, 1940 in New Westminster, BC by photographer Claude Dettloff, featuring a father heading off to war, leaving his family at home.

Wait for Me, Daddy

You can order your five-pack on the mint’s website while supplies last at face value with free shipping.  There is a limit of three packs per household.

Royal Canadian Mint Coin Contest

The Royal Canadian Mint his holding a coin contest from August 1-17th, 2014. All you have to do is click the link and give them your email address and language preference. Whether you collect mint products or not, it’s an easy, free contest with a chance to win something for free – and that sounds like the right price to me!



100th Anniversary of the First Canadian Arctic Expedition – 25-cent 12-pack (2013)

For face value and free shipping the newest commemorative 25 cent coins are available from the Royal Canadian Mint.  You get 12 coins in total for three dollars and there’s a limit of two packages per household.


The coins’ reverses were designed by Bonnie Ross (Arctic Expedition) and Tim Pitsiulak (Whales).  There’s already rumblings of some varieties amongst these designs too.

At face value, you can’t go wrong, but these do sell out quickly!