Halifax Explosion Medal

Friday past marked the 96th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, which was a huge historical event for Nova Scotia’s capital, but also for any nearby city able to lend a hand.

The explosion, the result of a harbour collision between the French cargo ship, SS Mont-Blanc, loaded with explosives and the Norwegian SS Imo, took place December 6th, 1917.  The end result was upwards of 2000 dead and 9000 injured in the blast that leveled much of the city.

In 1992, the city of Halifax issued a medal commemorating the 75th anniversary of the explosion and handed it out to survivors of the tragedy.  The estimated number struck is less than 100.  It is made of cast bronze plate and measures 32mm.1992 Halifax Explosion Medal

The structure in the first image is the memorial bell tower.

COIN COIN Designs & Co.

Personally, I’m guilty of this: I take my hobby and when gift giving times come around, I try to incorporate said hobby into the gift I’m giving someone – someone likely with no interest in my hobby.  Yes, I’ve given a loved one a coin dated the year they were born, thinking it was extremely thoughtful on my part, but I now realize that it wasn’t as considerate as I had imagined.

That being said, I would consider giving the gift of a coin in the form of jewellery and the fact that the theme, denomination or year can be used to add an element of personalization is icing on the proverbial cake.  Of course, this piece of jewellery would have to look good!

Coin Coin Ring

That’s where COIN COIN Designs & Co. comes in.  A coin can be  re-purposed  into a ring, earrings or pendant made of sterling silver.  It is possible to ask for a coin of a certain year or you have the option of sending them your own coin to be used.  They even have a selection of “lucky” coins as available choices.

Coin Coin Earrings

The owner, Renée Gruszecki, uses her background as a trained archivist and Masters graduate in design and material culture along with an appreciation for the art of the coin to create a work of jewellery that melds history with today’s fashion.  COIN COIN Design & Co. is based in Halifax, NS and information can be found on their website.

The name of the company comes from the French translation of “quack quack,” hence their mascot and logo – a lucky duck.  With that sort of symbolism combined with the use of the powers of a found penny, it’s not inconceivable that the wearer may find themselves in possession of measurable quantities of luck.

COIN COIN Design & Co. can also be found on Facebook,as can the Saint John Coin Club!

Coin Coin Pendant