Tecumseh – RCM Commemorative Coin Available

This 25 cent coin is available from the Royal Canadian Mint in packs of 10 at face value and free shipping for a limited time!

From the Royal Canadian Mint’s website: The legendary Shawnee leader Tecumseh is remembered as an Aboriginal visionary, a fearless warrior, and a hero of the War of 1812. Tecumseh’s determination and profound military knowledge made him a crucial British ally. He collaborated with Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, leading hundreds of First Nation warriors alongside British troops to secure American surrender during the historic Battle of Fort Detroit. Tecumseh dedicated his life to fighting for his dream of an independent homeland for his people and paid the ultimate sacrifice when he died in battle on October 5, 1813. He remains one of the most celebrated heroes of the War of 1812, inspiring the imagination of scholars, poets and artists 200 years after his passing.