2015 Canadian Flag – 25-cent Circulation Coin Pack

The Royal Canadian Mint has made their 2015 Canadian Flag 25 cent circulation coin pack available to the public at face value with free shipping for a pack of ten coins.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Canadian flag and the coin design features 50 children representing each year in addition to the future.  The quarter was designed by Bonnie Ross, an artist from Nova Scotia.


This offer may not last long!

1 thought on “2015 Canadian Flag – 25-cent Circulation Coin Pack

  1. Is there anyone in your club who would be willing to sell me one of these and ship it to me in Pennsylvania. I will gladly pay. The Canadian mint will not ship circulation coins to the USA. I would help you in any way I can as well in returning the favor. I’d also like to get an entire roll of each flag quarter being sold by the banks in Canada.

    Dave Silcox
    Shillington, Pa.

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