Fancy Serial Numbers

Are you one of those people who checks the paper money in your wallet for special serial numbers?  Does someone close to you make fun of you for glancing at each bill after you get it?  I’m one of those people.

I don’t really consider myself a paper money collector – or rag picker, as they were once referred to (can you call them that with the plastic money we have now?) – but I appreciate these pieces of higher denomination currency and love numbers, so I do try to check the numbers on those bill when I have a chance.

Recently, after being handed some US currency, I came across the twenty below.  Can you tell what is special about the number?

Scrambled Ladder

Almost immediately I noticed that it contained every number from 1 to 8, but all mixed up.  I didn’t have a clue at the time, but this is apparently called a scrambled ladder note type of fancy serial number.

“Cool,” I thought and put it on eBay where it sold for $30 USD – as I mentioned, I don’t collect them, but appreciate finding them for others.

Watch your money!