May Meeting

The slide show for the May meeting of the Saint John Coin Club will be about Princess Patricia of Connaught who is on the 1917 Canadian dollar banknote.  I don’t think I’m speaking alone when I say how fantastic it would be if someone brought in an example of this note to view.

Princess Patricia


This is an example that can be found for sale on eBay as we speak.

See you at the meeting!

Canadian Coin News goes Digital

Do you like saving all those bundles of newsprint that come from your Canadian Coin News subscription?  If the answer is “no,” then there is now an alternative – Canadian Coin News has gone digital.

This means you can subscribe or purchase individual copies of this staple via your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Canadian Coin News2

Being someone who does appreciate holding a physical  ‘something’ in my hand, but at the same time, desiring to reduce the clutter than can invade my home and office, I decided to give it a try.

I purchased an individual copy using my BlackBerry tablet and the Zinio app that came installed on it.  It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing getting the issue on that device, but it was eventually readable.  I didn’t find it enjoyable though.  This morning I powered up my laptop at work and viewed the magazine, finding a nice alternative to flipping through a newspaper and much easier on the larger device.

Canadian Coin News1

At this point, I’m not certain which I actually prefer.  There are definite advantages to both.  With the digital copy, you get your Canadian Coin News sooner and you do reduce your carbon footprint, but I’m not certain of the ease of use at this stage.  It certainly looks promising though.

The Canadian Coin News ad states that you can convert an existing subscription to a digital one at no additional cost by contacting them.  Additionally, by paying a little extra, you do have the option of receiving both.

If you are someone at ease with technology, it is definitely something to consider.