Royal Bank of Canada – St John, NB

Here is a promissory note I picked up on eBay recently, all the way from Great Britain! The note is dated January 30, 1915 and is drawn on the Royal Bank of Canada in St John, NB. Try spelling the name abbreviated today and see how many people correct you. The issuer is the National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada Limited. It was cashed in at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Amherst, NS on March 5th, 1915 (that’s the date in the Bank of Nova Scotia stamp).

Royal Bank of Canada St John, NB


From the same seller, I also found this Bank of Ottawa cheque from the Avonmore, ON branch.  It was issued September 15, 1908 to a Hugh John Laflair.  It is interesting that the amount was only written out and not put in numbers.

Bank of Ottawa


I love banking history!